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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Know How to Spend Fourth of July Weekend


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had a jam packed weekend for the Fourth of July holiday. From family time at Universal to alone time in the Hamptons, Bennifer had it all covered.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck started the holiday weekend out at Universal Studios Hollywood on Friday. The couple took Jennifer’s 13-year old twins and Ben’s 9-year old son out for a day of fun at the theme park.

The two were spotted at the park holding hands and smiling as they enjoyed their day. The couple and their children soaked up all that the park had to offer; stopping at the infamous Wizarding World of Harry Potter and then Simpson’s Land.

While Lopez and Affleck seemed to have a great time at Universal with the kids, they soon adjusted their agenda and jetted over to the Hamptons on Sunday, just the two of them. The two were seen walking arm and arm and spending some alone time out in Long Island.

It appeared it was just the two of them on this trip out to the Hamptons. The couple kept it casual for Fourth of July, both wearing matching, laid back, tan outfits.

Jennifer and Ben were photographed hugging and walking with their arms around one another, nearly inseparable. Ben was also seen hugging Jennifer and giving her a kiss on the head while she smiled ear to ear.

After their comfy stroll, the two went off to do some shopping and spend a low key holiday together. It doesn’t seem there needs to be a whole bunch of commotion for the two to have a good time, as long as they have each other.

After spending so much time apart the past 15+ years, the two definitely are making up for lost time. While they did spend a lot of time separately, they came back together in 2021 and everything clicked just like it did back in the early 2000’s.

While the couple tried to keep their rekindled relationship under wraps in the beginning, it is clear they are fine with not keeping it so secret anymore. Jennifer Lopez is coming off a recent engagement with Alex Rodriguez, so that could have been a factor in keeping their relationship lowkey.

However, now they hold hands and share special moments with one another and their children in public, so it’s safe to say they are happy to share their love now. Bennifer 2.0 seems to be going strong and looks like it may stay that way.



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