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Jamie Lynn Spears Talks for the First Time Since Britney’s Court Hearing

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Ever since Britney Spears’ statement to the court last week about her abusive conservatorship, the internet has been buzzing. Mainly, all coming to Britney’s defense and praying that the judge finally frees her of this conservatorship.

Fans have also been on attack mode, holding anyone they believe had a part in hurting Britney for the past decade accountable. Not only is Britney’s father, the one in control of the conservatorship, under fire, but the rest of her family is as well. This is not exempting Britneys younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.

In Britney’s nearly 30 minute statement, she shocked the world with the truth that has been hidden for 13 years now. She even said she would “like to sue her family.” After saying this, fans immediately went into detective mode to try and figure out why Britney would want to sue her family, and not just her father?

While Britney didn’t make it clear in her statement just who exactly she would like to sue in her family or if it included her younger sister, Jamie, fans came to their own assumption on their own that Jamie has been a part of this whole mess the entire time and is most likely one of the people in her family Britney is talking about.

Immediately after Britneys hearing, Jamie Lynn Spears turned off the comments on her Instagram. However, that didn’t stop fans from taking to other social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter, attempting to expose Jamie for her involvement in all of this.
Fans claim that Jamie Lynn Spears has been an equal participant in Britney’s abuse for these past 13 years by being a bystander and letting it go on. Fans also claimed that Jamie never said anything because she has been reaping the benefits from Britney’s conservatorship by getting money off of it and keeping quiet down in Louisiana with her family.

As the videos and claims against Jamie Lynn Spears have been flying around the internet for the past few days, she has been radio silent. Finally, yesterday after days of this going on, she broke her silence with an Instagram story.

She said that she doesn’t owe the public any explanation because she and her sister have had their own personal conversations in which Britney knows that Jamie supports her. She explained that just because she doesn’t make it known on the internet with hashtags that she supports her sister, it does not mean that in real life that it’s not true.

Jamie tried to make it known that she has had her older sisters back since the beginning and Britney knows that, but it does not need to be publicly posted in order for it to mean something. She said she has made a conscious effort to focus on being Britney’s sister and an aunt to Britney’s children, to love and support them, and anything other than that, she let’s Britney decide and speak for herself.

While the internet is not buying Jamie Lynns recent Instagram story, it seems the actual truth will only ever lie between the two sisters unless Britney comes out and says otherwise. Jamie Lynn says all she wants is for her sister to be happy, so hopefully that is the truth and Britney can soon move on from her conservatorship and do so.


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