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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are Married


Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton tied the knot over the holiday weekend. The couple got engaged back in October and now they have finally made it official.

There was speculation that the two were going to be getting married very soon. The couple obtained a wedding license last week and the license was only good for 10 days after it was issued. So, there was a good chance this wedding was coming over the weekend.

Turns out the speculations were right. Stefani and Shelton said ‘I do’ on Saturday, July 3rd. Gwen Stefani took to Instagram to let everyone know and show off her new hubby.

The couple wanted to keep their ceremony under wraps and not broadcast to the world just exactly when it was happening. They also wanted to keep it small and intimate, not filling up the guest list with A list celebrities, but rather just having family and close friends.

The couple held their wedding ceremony at Blake Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma. This being the same place he proposed to Gwen back in October. After meeting back in 2015, the couple seems to share a lot of special moments out in Oklahoma.

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, officiated the couple’s wedding. The show is where the two met, so it’s safe to say they became pretty tight with Carson Daly through the show as well since they chose him to wed them. Seems like a lot of strong relationships were formed through The Voice.

Carson Daly being the wedding officiator, he had the inside scoop on the ceremony. Daly afterwards shared some of the highlights of the wedding with the public on the Today show.

He shared that Blake Shelton actually wrote a song for Gwen as his wedding vows. Does it get any more romantic than that? The country music star apparently wrote and performed his vows as a song, jokingly saying that Gwen told him he doesn’t write enough songs for her.

Shelton grabbed his guitar and a stool at the altar and serenaded his new wife as a form of his wedding vows. That’s a pretty great way to show someone your love for them.

The two are now happily married and we got a few sneak peaks at the ceremony and the couple dressed up on their Instagrams. There were quite a few snapshots of the couple hugging and kissing, along with beautiful pictures of Gwen in her full glam and wedding gown.

Both of them looking blissfully happy in their photos, it’s safe to say the wedding was a special night for both of them.


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