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Emmy Rossum Welcomes her First Child After Successful Keeping Pregnancy a Secret


Emmy Rossum and her husband welcomed their first born child into the world on May 24th. The “Shameless” star revealed this news via Instagram, shocking fans due to the fact she had kept her pregnancy completely a secret.

Emmy Rossum took to her Instagram for the announcement and featured some amazing maternity photos. She posted a slideshow of 3 photos; the first a black and white professional shot of her glammed up with her baby bump, the next another a black and white photo of her and her husband, and then lastly a black and white image of her new baby girl’s footprint. 

Her caption read, “5.24.21. On a sunny Monday morning, at 8:13AM, we welcomed our daughter into the world.”

The post immediately exploded with fans’ comments of how happy they were for the couple and at the same time shocked, in the best way possible though.

Other famous celebrities were excited for the actress as well. She received a numerous amount of ‘congratulations’ under her post from other stars such as Emily Ratajkowski, Shay Mitchell, Katharine McPhee, and Storm Reid.

Rossum had successfully kept her pregnancy entirely under wraps and no one had any clue that the star was going to be welcoming a new addition to her family. Fans looking back now realize that Rossum had sneakily been taking pictures for her Instagram from the waist up, but at the time no one suspected anything of it. 

Rossum welcomes her first child into the world with her husband, Sam Esmail. Esmail, the creator of the hit show “Mr. Robot”, is seen in the picture on Rossums Instagram lovingly hugging her.

The couple started dating back in 2014 and got married in 2017. They have been together for quite a few years now and they seem more than thrilled to watch their family grow with a brand new member. 

Emmy Rossum had high hopes to return for the long running show she had been the star of, “Shameless”, for it’s final season this past year. However, she recently admitted that with her pregnancy, the COVID-19 risks were just too high and the restrictions made it “impossible” for her to do so.

Even though she wasn’t able to join her TV family to send the show off the air, Rossum gets to grow her own family. 

Emmy Rossum got to enjoy her pregnancy with the ones she loved the most and made an amazing experience out of it by keeping it under wraps. From her recent Instagram posts of the news, it is clear she is glowing and beyond happy.

Emmy isn’t the first of celebs who kept their pregnancy a secret and certainly won’t be the last. Celebrities enjoy keeping their pregnancy private since it is an intimate moment in their lives and is truly special. 



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