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Ariana Grande Quickly Put an End to the Rumor that She Was Featured on Kanye West’s Album, Donda


Kanye West’s new album, Donda, has finally been released after nearly a month of waiting since he said it would drop. This is in true Kanye fashion, but as soon as the album was released people were still eager to listen despite the waiting game he played.

As soon as fans heard the album, many people started to speculate that Ariana Grande was featured on the title track, ‘Donda’. After hearing the background vocals on the title track, fans were all convinced that it was Ariana’s angelic voice helping give life to the song. 

However, Ariana had no involvement in Kanye’s new album and didn’t want fans to believe that was her on the title track, when it was in fact another artist. Ariana quickly debunked the rumor in the sweetest way possible.

She took to her Instagram story and shouted out the artist who was actually singing backup vocals on the track, Stalone. The two have similar singing styles and when it came to the title track on the album, it was understandable that people may have believed it was actually Ariana singing.

Ariana set the record straight though with her Instagram story in which she reshared Stalone’s IG post of her working on the Donda album. Ariana captioned the repost on her story, “You sound so beautiful @thestalone [three fire heart emojis].” 
Ariana made it clear that it was in fact not her voice on the album, but still made a point to credit whose voice was on it. With her platform, it means a lot for a smaller artist to get credit and recognition on her page for their work.

Stalone worked closely on Donda, but is just one of the many artists who helped create and featured on this album. Other artists who collaborated with Kanye on Donda were The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Jay-Z, Chris Brown, Marilyn Mason, and DaBaby. 

There’s a long list of artists who made a feature on Kanye’s new album, some more controversial than others, but one artist who did not collaborate on this album at all was Ariana Grande. She debunked those rumors and made it clear she was not involved in the making of Donda.


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