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Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez Honeymoon in Amsterdam


Ariana Grande and her new husband, Dalton Gomez, tied the knot back in May. Now, the couple is honeymooning and Ariana recently shared some inside pictures from their trip to the Netherlands. 

The pair decided to have their Honeymoon in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is very beautiful and quaint, making it a perfect destination for a romantic getaway. Ariana and Dalton took advantage of this city’s charm and explored Amsterdam side by side.

While the two spent some time alone in the capital of the Netherlands, Ariana shared some special moments from the trip with her fans on her Instagram feed. She posted a slideshow of photos/videos from their time in Amsterdam.

A lot of the pictures/videos were snapshots of nature and the scenery. She posted pictures of windmills, plants, and canals. All of the pretty stuff the Netherlands has to offer. She also posted a video of a swan and another video of a ladybug. 

While a lot of the content she shared was of her surroundings, she did include one super cute image of her Dalton in this slideshow of pictures. In the image she posted of the two of them, the couple is sitting in a pair of oversized giant wooden shoes, something the Netherlands is notorious for.

In the picture where they are sitting side by side in a giant pair of shoes, the two are seen wearing masks respectfully. Under the masks though, it is easy to tell that Ariana and Dalton are definitely smiling and enjoying sitting in giant wooden shoes, I mean who wouldn’t.

Dalton is seen smiling at the camera, while Ariana is adoringly looking at Dalton. The picture is very cute and even this little glimpse of their love makes fans super happy to see. 

Ariana does share an inside look of her relationship from time to time on Instagram, but for the most part the couple seems to enjoy being lowkey. When in the spotlight as much as someone like Ariana Grande, it is nice for her to have some part of her life be intimate and just for her, so it is sweet the couple has their private life to share together.

The couple got married back in May in a very under the radar wedding which no one else knew was happening except the couple and the very few invited. Ariana and Dalton got married in Ariana’s home in Montecito, with just a few close friends and family by their side. 

Afterwards, Ariana did share absolutely stunning images from her special day, but as it was happening she kept that completely to herself. She appeared to have the most amazingly intimate wedding ceremony and now she is continuing the trend into her honeymoon with her new husband. 


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