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Anna Faris and Michael Barrett Are Officially Married After Eloping


Anna Faris and Michael Barrett revealed they were engaged last year after a few years of dating. Although they publicly announced their engagement, they skipped the announcement part for their wedding.

The couple actually skipped everything for their wedding and just went out and did it. Anna Faris recently blurted out that the two eloped and are now a married couple.

On a recent episode of her podcast, “Anna Faris is Unqualified”, she let the secret slip that the two eloped. It appeared that she did not want to keep it a secret anymore and wanted to be able to call Michael Barrett her husband and stop calling him her fiance.

Faris spilled the beans on her podcast by saying, “I’m looking around.. my fiancé’s right — he’s now my husband. Yes, we eloped.” After letting the cat out of the bag, she continued, “I just blurted that out. I can’t say fiancé anymore! It was awesome, yeah, it was great.”

There the people have it, Anna Faris is now a married woman. Her now husband, Micahel Barrett, is a cinematographer who famously worked on movies such as Ted. Anna Faris said there was instant chemistry when the two met; maybe because she works in front of the screen and he works behind the scenes, making the two a perfect match to balance one another out.

With their deep connection the two seem to be madly in love; so in love that neither wanted to wait for a big wedding and went and eloped. The two went to a local courthouse in Washington State and wed there. 

Despite Anna Faris being a big star, it’s clear that it’s the simple things that make her happy. Most celebrities go for the big wedding, but Anna was perfectly happy with running away with just her man and getting married at the courthouse as she said it was “awesome”. 

Anna Faris has a son, Jack, from a previous marriage with famous actor Chris Pratt. Michael Barrett also has two children of his own. Anna Faris said that getting to know his children has been very rewarding as she has learned a lot about herself through them. 

Anna Faris and Michael Barrett are now officially married and have become one big family with their children from previous relationships. Although they kept their marriage under wraps for a little while, it is now out in the open due to Faris not being able to hold her excitement any longer.


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