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Trump Launches New Website As He Carefully Plans His Political Future


Former President Trump recently launched a brand new website that may help determine his political future and defend his political past. The website’s purpose may be difficult to understand at first, but it’s probably a quick way of publishing statements regarding political issues and staying connected with his millions of followers. 

Now that President Trump is banned from several social media platforms, many observers believe that the website could be used to influence his political future. He may even use it to spread political messages prior to the 2022 midterm elections. 

The website describes itself as a platform for ‘preserving the magnificent legacy of the Trump Administration’. This could be an early political gesture that Trump is taking to solidify himself as the presumptive nominee in 2024 for the Republican Party, just as he described himself at a recent CPAC appearance. 

The launch of Trump’s new website comes just a few days after rumors began spreading that Trump would be redefining the world of social media with a new custom Trump-sponsored media platform that would support conservatism and the freedom of speech. No additional details are available about his potential social media platform but it certainly raised some eyebrows and Trump didn’t exactly decline the idea of it when he spoke to a major news network in recent days.

Many people within the world of politics are genuinely asking themselves, could Trump really be the 2024 Presidential Nominee for the Republican Party? It’s an extremely difficult question to answer in all seriousness and it’s hard to completely rule it out, especially with how determined Trump has always been towards getting things done. 

Unfortunately, four years is a really long time and there are a ton of factors that could come into play. The first primary factor is Trump’s age and this parallels with the possibility of him experiencing health issues down the road.  Trump hasn’t always been recognized as the healthiest individual in the world but he certainly didn’t seem unfit to serve. At time towards the end of the 2020 election cycle, Trump was seen flying around the country several times per day. There was certainly no lack of stamina or energy during the final months of 2020. 

Trump’s new political-themed website might provide us with some clues in the coming months about where his mindset is and if he really genuinely is considering a 2024 political run once again. Recent polls have indicated that he could easily win a political primary against his opponents and there’s no reason to think that those polls are incorrect. Trump had record approval ratings within the Republican Party, even towards the end of his first term when he was facing harsh effects from the pandemic that was harming many different regions across the country. 

It will be a good idea to stay up-to-date with all of the latest announcements that come out from Trump’s website and there may even be some more clues towards Trump’s political future if he uses the website as a platform to spread his political messages on a regular basis.   


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