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Wordle: The Game that Broke the Internet

Wordle, the latest word game that has driven the world into a frenzy, has the cutest little backstory. Josh Wardle told TechCrunch that he made the game for his partner, who loves thought-provoking puzzles. After he showed some family and friends, word spread- to the entire world. He doesn’t even wish to profit from the game, even though investors have reached out. He never expected his romantic gift to go viral, bringing both frustration and joy to the internet. 

Not everyone is happy about the game, though. The host of the famous game show, Lingo, has complained that Wardle is gaining fame from a stolen game. While the game is the same, Wardle never created it with the intention of going viral, making a profit or stealing an idea. 

Knowing Wardle’s intentions, app developers have been trying to profit from the hype, creating similar games for profit. Fortunately, Apple has been taking the copycat games down. To play the game, all you have to do is Google search “Wordle” and try to guess the word of the day. Try to guess in as few tries as possible, and enjoy the satisfaction when you finally get it.


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