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The Metaverse Environment is Expanding in Big Ways

Since the concept was introduced, retail and high-end fashion brands have been scrambling to establish themselves in the metaverse. Plus, with news that Walmart filed trademarks to expand to the metaverse, we can’t help but wonder what’s in store, literally. The retail giant has set the groundwork for virtual shopping, NFTs, and even their brand of cryptocurrency. The excitement over this space is palpable. 

There will be many social opportunities. Soon, we’ll be able to hang out with long-distance friends in a way that feels more in-person than FaceTime and video games. But the metaverse will also affect business. For example, virtual meetings may no longer take place over video conferences. Instead, we will soon have to throw on our VR headset and make our way to a conference room within the metaverse. What is the point? 

Business meetings have not been the same since the pandemic started. Conferencing from home is doable, but it comes with many distractions. Moving virtual work to the metaverse will bring back that environment of focus and professionalism that comes with hosting meetings within the workplace. 


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