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Trump Announces New Social Media Platform


It’s been several months since former President Trump announced plans to create and launch a new social media platform. He’s making good on his promise as he just announced that he plans on launching a new social media platform into the beta stage of development as early as November of 2021.

His new media company is called ‘Trump Media & Technology Group’, the entity responsible for maintaining the new social media platform. The social media network is expected to be called ‘TRUTH Social’, which will begin inviting guests as early as November of 2021.

Trump is looking to retake his place on social media after being shut out by Twitter and Facebook, along with several other conservative content creators on their platforms as well. TRUTH Social could provide an opportunity for these excluded social media users to return to a social media platform. 

It’s unclear exactly when the new social media platform will fully launch to the public, but it appears that it could be ready to go in the early months of 2022. Trump has already said that he plans on submitting his very first ‘TRUTH’ on the platform, a short text message that will likely be similar to a ‘Tweet’ or ‘Facebook Post’. 

This announcement means that there will be even more competition in the social media space and TRUTH Social could be a new avenue that angers platforms like Facebook and Twitter ever more.


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