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Youngkin Shocks The World And Wins Election To Become Virginia’s Next Governor

In what appeared to be an incredibly good night for the Republican Party, they have narrowly flipped Virginia and Glenn Youngkin is now going to become Virginia’s next Governor. According to the statewide election results, it has become apparent that Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe struggled to gain support from independent voters and also lost a lot of support in the suburbs compared to recent statewide elections in Virginia. 

Polls in the closing days of the campaign certainly suggested that Youngkin had a very real chance, but it’s really hard to make that case when the same state went in favor of the Democratic Party in an election that took place one year earlier. 

Virginia’s voters have been concerned about the economy, the pandemic, and education. These voters massively swung in favor of Youngkin in this off-year election, which could be an early signal for what is to come in the 2022 midterm elections. 

It certainly appears that Republicans have a ton of enthusiasm and momentum. Youngkin’s narrow victory suggests that other battleground states could also shift in favor of the Republican Party if the current trajectory of the country continues in this direction.

There’s no way to exactly project what may happen in the next few years, especially with so much uncertainty from a political and economic perspective. It certainly appears that many of the Democratic Party’s policies could be motivating Republicans to vote and that appears to be one of the factors that played a role in Glenn Youngkin’s victory in the 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial Election.


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