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U.S. Plans To Reopen Borders To Vaccinated Tourists From Canada and Mexico


The United States has announced plans to reopen the borders to Mexico and Canada to allow vaccinated tourists to travel in and out of the country. These plans were announced at a time when coronavirus cases are dropping around the country and the current wave seems to be coming to an end. 

As early as January 2022, vaccinated travelers will be able to travel into the United States for tourism or other related visits. The current travel restrictions are set to expire in October and the renewed plans to reopen the border to nonessential travelers will set a pathway forward into the future. 

The White House has claimed that they are trying to create a consistent set of rules that will equally affect both borders and allow for vaccinated travelers to come in and out of the country for various nonessential reasons.

The new set of rules will slowly fade into effect and that transition starts in October and will continue to phase in through January 2022. Additional travel rules or restrictions may be put back into effect if a new wave of the coronavirus occurs between now and that time. Cases do seem to be dropping, according to the CDC’s COVID-19 Data Tracker, allowing for the United States to weigh its options and consider its pathway forward. 

Biden’s administration has been struggling to handle various portions of the COVID-19 pandemic and currently serves with an approval rating lower than his predecessor. Biden desperately needs some good news for his political ratings or his political party could face some major challenges during the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. 


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