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Two Republicans Will Head To A Runoff Election in Texas’ 6th District Special Election


Democrats fought really hard to try and secure a spot in the runoff election but Jana Lynne Sanchez, the prominent democratic candidate in the May 1st election narrowly didn’t secure enough votes to take second place. Susan Wright and Jake Ellzey dominated with 19.2% and 13.8% of the vote. 

Susan Wright is the wife of Ron Wright, the former representative to Texas’ 6th District. Ron Wright passed away in February after complications to his health. She proudly came in first place with nearly a six-point victory, winning by about 4,200 votes.

Jake Ellzey, another Republican candidate that campaigned hard for the May 1st election earned nearly 11,000 votes. He will narrowly advance to the runoff and deny the democrats any chance at representation in the 6th District in Texas. This also takes away the potential for an expanded majority for democrats, something that they have been hoping to take advantage of in special elections like these. 

More than 78,000 votes were cast in Texas’ 6th District and the vote totals were spread across more than twenty candidates. The Top 7 candidates earned at least 5% of the vote and the Top 4 candidates earned at least 10% of the vote. It was a very close race and ultimately, Susan Wright will go into the special election runoff with the best chances of winning over her opponent, Jake Ellzey. 

The runoff has not yet been scheduled and additional details about the runoff’s scheduling could be announced within the next few days. Republicans were definitely victorious in Texas’ 6th District with official results now projecting that a Democrat will not have any chance of representing this district in the near future. 

There’s also the possibility that this could be an early sign of what the 2022 midterm elections may hold for Republicans and Democrats. A lot of political experts are projecting a potential red-wave in 2022, where Republicans could take back the House of Representatives and the Senate, while also electing more Republican governors in the process. 


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