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Trump Smashes Through Fundraising Targets As Midterms Approach in 2022


President Trump continues to smash through fundraising targets as his political affiliation now reportedly has more than $80 million dollars in fundraising since 2021 started. This stems from the incredible amount of support that the 45th President continues to take advantage of, even after more than six months of him leaving office at the conclusion of his first term.

In just the first half of 2021, more than 3 million people made individual donations to Trump’s political future with the hopes that he might run again in 2024. The public recently learned that the former president discussed the possibility of running again and continuously claims that he has ‘unfinished business’ to take care of. 

Trump recently started holding rallies and speeches, similar to those that millions of his supporters experienced during the campaign season. He is expected to continue these types of events as the midterm elections approach in 2022. 

Trump’s ability to influence the 2022 midterm elections with such a significant amount of money should not be brought into question at this point in the cycle. If Trump continues to fundraise at this incredible pace, he could easily have close to $200 million saved for his political future by the end of the year. 

These are impressive financial figures for a political chess game. While the 45th President doesn’t find himself in the White House at this exact moment in time, there’s clearly still millions of people out there that want to see him run again in 2024. If the significant amount of donations aren’t enough to convince you, then take a look at the most recent straw poll that came out, showing Trump with a demanding lead over every other potential 2024 GOP candidate. 


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