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Trump Says He May Run for a Second Term in 2024


It’s been 56 days since President Trump left the White House after a controversial election outcome sparked riots in the U.S. Capitol. Rumors are already starting to swirl around the political world that Trump may run again in 2024 to try and obtain a second term in office. 

He spoke at CPAC and even claimed to be the 2024 ‘presumptive nominee’ during his speech as an early hint to his supporters that he is certainly not ruling out the possibility of running again. 

It’s hard to imagine a rematch between President Biden and former President Trump taking place, but it certainly is possible. The primary factor in determining whether that happens or not is Biden’s age in 2024. He’s already shown some signs that indicate he may not be as sharp as he needs to be to successfully complete his job in office. This concern is backed up in the political betting markets on PredictIt as well. 

Only 34% of individuals on the PredictIt betting market believe that Joe Biden will be the 2024 Democratic Nominee. That is an incredibly low number, but it’s not exactly surprising when you think about it. Joe Biden will be 82 years of age in 2024 when he would need to run for re-election and Donald Trump would be just 78 years old, which happens to be Biden’s current age. 

The 2024 election cycle is nearly four years away and people are already speculating about who might end up being each party’s nominee. It’s too early to tell if President Trump will follow through on the possibility of him running again in 2024, but it certainly should not be ruled out. In the Republican 2024 market on PredictIt, Trump currently leads all other possible candidates with a 26% chance of becoming the 2024 nominee. 

Political markets are certainly not a guarantee of what’s going to happen. These markets simply show what a majority of people believe will happen in the future.

It’s very possible that Trump runs in 2024, but his primary focus right now is to try and get as many of his supporters to vaccinate themselves. It’s no surprise that Trump’s supporters aren’t exactly big fans of the coronavirus vaccine, but it’s possible that a vaccine endorsement from Trump himself may convince some people to consider it. 

Trump will likely stay in the spotlight over the next several years and he has already pledged to support Republican candidates in the 2022 midterm elections. After everything that’s happened in the last five years, nobody should be surprised if 2024 arrives and Donald Trump is once again campaigning for his return to the White House. The changing demographics across the country and an updated electoral map with the recent census, may also be a little bit more favorable to him if he decides to run in 2024.  

One man that may not be joining him on that potential 2024 is his Mike Pence. After the Capitol riots on January 6th, that relationship was damaged and there’s a good chance that Mike Pence will not be accompanying him as the Vice Presidential candidate in 2024 if he does decide to run.


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