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Trump Holds Rally In Iowa Over The Weekend


Former President Donald Trump traveled to the Iowa State Fairgrounds over the weekend to attend one of his traditional campaign-style rallies to discuss political issues and highlight the future of the Republican Party. He started by congratulating the Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team on their overwhelming victory earlier that day and then went on to discuss several political issues that were on the former President’s mind. 

He claimed that after just nine months under the new Biden administration, “violent criminals and bloodthirsty gangs are taking over American streets”. Trump was clearly referencing the skyrocketing crime in various regions around the country, specifically focusing on the disastrous border crisis that has plagued Biden’s administration since coming to office in January. 

He also insulted Biden’s horrendous approval ratings within the State of Iowa by mentioning that Biden only has a 31% approval rating, according to a recently-published poll that was taken within the state. 

Trump moved on to discussing Biden’s spending agenda and criticized the concept of passing a $5 Trillion infrastructure agenda that would raise corporate taxes and blow up the deficit. He also briefly mentioned his personal concern towards rising inflation and how an unsolved inflation crisis could lead to a major economic catastrophe. 

As he regularly does during his campaign-style rallies, Trump blasted the 2020 Presidential Election and called it ‘rigged’. He thanked Iowa’s voters for providing him with a massive victory and reminded everyone of the importance of Iowa’s role in voting ‘first in the nation’ during the primary season. 

Trump concluded his rally, but many political analysts are already wondering if Trump’s visit to Iowa could foreshadow something larger from Trump. Could he launch another campaign to retake the White House and serve a second term as Biden’s administration struggles to solve several problems.

It’s certainly a possibility and nobody should rule that out with the midterm elections coming in November of next year. An announcement likely won’t be made anytime soon but Trump running again in 2024 seems to be getting more likely as he continues to hold political rallies. He also calls himself the ‘leader’ of the Republican Party, a claim that is hard to dispute when you look at his approval ratings and poll numbers. 

Trump has continued to make endorsements and faces an important  measuring stick in the coming weeks as Virginia’s 2021 Gubernatorial Election is scheduled to take place. It’s certainly possible that national momentum will be in the Republican Party’s favor as they are the minority party in Washington during a time that does not look overwhelmingly bright for the Democratic Party. 


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