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The Worst Week of Joe Biden’s Presidency


Joe Biden may have just suffered the worst week of his presidency. In an astonishingly short period of time, the Taliban forces have completely overtaken Afghanistan, including the Capital of Kabul. 

Biden was supposedly on vacation as Taliban forces marched towards Kabul and completely took over the capital city. He eventually rushed back to the White House to address the American public after a ton of pressure to do so from the media and general public. 

Former President Trump called the withdrawal from Afghanistan a ‘total embarrassment’ and a ‘surrender’. The media has also severely criticized Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan situation and it’s currently unclear how many American citizens may be stranded in Kabul or in other various parts of the country. 

The Biden administration was totally caught off-guard by the Taliban invasion and American troops have been ordered to evacuate as many people as possible in a short amount of time. Videos and pictures from the streets in Afghanistan show a new hostile environment for the citizens now living under Taliban control. 

Only a small percentage of citizens approve of Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan and his approval rating has taken a sharp dive during the last week. He now faces poor approval ratings, decreasing popularity, and multiple domestic and foreign crises that have yet to be solved. All of this comes at the same time as a new wave of coronavirus pandemic spreads across the nation.

 Joe Biden has had a mixture of positive and negative outcomes during his presidential term up to this point. It’s quite clear that this has been an embarrassing week for the 46th President and by far the worst week of his presidency.

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