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The Horrific Side Effects on Biden’s Afghanistan Policy


When it was announced that Joe Biden would withdraw all remaining troops from Afghanistan before evacuating all American allies, nobody could have imagined the devastation that would follow this horrific decision. 

There was no way to completely withdraw from Afghanistan without accepting some negative effects, but it didn’t have to be this bad. Desparate citizens were seen hanging on to departing planes and some of them unfortunately fell thousands of feet to their death as they were trying to escape the thoughts of living under a Taliban government.

In addition to those horrific thoughts, Joe Biden and his administration ordered a rapid evacuation with a deadline set for August 31st. A horrific suicidal bomber attacked the airport, resulting in more than a dozen deaths to American troops. Hundreds of others were injured or killed in the blast. 

Getting out of Afghanistan was never going to be easy, but unfortunately it resulted in tragedy in multiple ways. With the evacuation deadline approaching and the possibility of another attack at the Kabul airport, Biden has ordered the military to conduct airstrikes that target the suspected terrorist bombing group that belongs to ISIS-K. 

America will have to move forward and accept the horrific tragedies that have taken place in recent days. America’s departure from Afghanistan will forever be remembered as a negative national event that resulted in the loss of life. 


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