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Southern Border Crisis Worsens With Recent Surge


A major crisis is continuing to get worse under the Biden administration as the Southern Border continues to be flooded with new migrants that are attempting to enter the United States. In addition to the worsening crisis, it appears that media personnel are not being allowed into border facilities. This has resulted in a major lack of transparency as migrant children are being detained at record numbers at the Southern border.

The number of unaccompanied minors detained at the border is the highest that it’s been since May of 2019. The surge in border crossings is likely stemming from the effects of the pandemic as well as the current administration’s faulty border policies.

Vice President Kamala Harris had a regretful moment in front of the press when somebody asked her if she had any plans to pay a visit to the Southern border. She paused, laughed, and didn’t provide a very serious answer to the original question. She simply stated that she ‘has visited the border before and that she will likely pay a visit to the border’ again. 

This could be interpreted in a number of different ways, but it generally shows that the Vice President does not understand the seriousness of the crisis at the border. It wasn’t a good moment for the administration and only time will tell if the Vice President changes her tune regarding the ongoing border crisis that is now spiraling out of control faster than ever. 

There is not only a crisis at the border, but there also seems to be an internal crisis within the administration with providing transparency to the public. Preventing the media from having access to border facilities is generally not a good idea if you are trying to promote transparency for your political policies. It’s also not a good idea to laugh off one of the most important political issues right now.  

There’s no doubt that there have been some very serious missteps by the current administration in regards to the border crisis. There is still time to adjust the current trajectory and take control of this ongoing crisis. President Biden hasn’t even been in office for 100 days and his administration is already struggling with maintaining a growing economy, a border crisis, and foreign policy conflicts with China and North Korea. 

It’s possible that certain actions will be taken to slow down the rapidly declining issues that are developing at the border. President Biden deserves a chance to guide his administration to take corrective actions. Unfortunately, it seems as if his priorities are elsewhere as he calls for enhanced gun control laws and focuses on finding a way to make Washington D.C. an official U.S. state. 

While Joe Biden and Kamala Harris admitted to not planning a visit to the border ‘today’ or any time soon, there’s still a little bit of time for the Biden administration to enact new border policies to prevent the situation from rapidly getting worse.


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