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President Trump Holds ‘Save America’ Rally in Alabama


President Trump traveled to Alabama on Saturday to hold a ‘Save America’ rally in the city of Cullman. His rally lasted more than an hour and addressed several important issues, including the ongoing crisis that is currently unfolding in Afghanistan. 

Trump started his speech by endorsing Mo Brooks for the 2022 midterm elections and then shifted his focus to the situation in Afghanistan. He reminded the crowd that Biden would continue to create harmful foreign policies and ‘embolden America’s enemies’.

He went on to discuss poor aspects of the economy, including the rapidly-climbing gas prices that are at the highest they’ve been in a very long time. Gas prices across the nation were much lower when President Trump was in office about a year ago. The 45th President also attacked the bipartisan infrastructure bill and expressed that it was a ‘glide path’ to the Green New Deal. 

Trump spent a lot of time discussing Biden’s withdrawal of the US Troops from Afghanistan. He called it a national catastrophe and a ‘foreign policy failure’ like the world has never seen. He expressed his beliefs that it was an embarrassment and how the entire process seemed more like a ‘surrender’ than a withdrawal. 

As he continued discussing Afghanistan, Trump attacked Biden’s lengthy vacation as the Afghanistan situation was spiraling out of control. He declared that the White House is ‘failing to show strength’ and reminded the crowd how his administration always prioritized strength and the significant contrasts between the Trump Administration and the Biden Administration. He finished discussing the Afghanistan catastrophe and concluded by saying that the entire situation ‘would never have happened if he was President’. 

In most of his rallies, Trump revisits the 2020 Presidential Election. That trend continued on Saturday as Trump continued to call out voting discrepancies in Georgia and several other states. During his rally, Trump specifically said that “they rigged the whole damn deal” and that the effects of the rigged election would be apparent for a very long time.  

Trump concluded his rally by discussing his accomplishments in office and teased a major Republican victory during the 2022 midterm elections. As he often does, Trump also teased his own 2024 Presidential Run but has not officially announced a run to return to the White House. 


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