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President Biden Addresses the Nation on His 50th Day in Office


For the first time since taking office, President Joe Biden addressed the nation and discussed some of the most important subjects that are currently impacting the citizens of the country. This national address comes on the 50th day that Joe Biden has served in the White House as the 46th President of the United States. 

This national address comes just a few hours after he officially signed the ‘American Rescue Plan’ into law. The package includes nearly $2.0 trillion in COVID relief, which includes expanded unemployment benefits, small business relief, and stimulus checks for most individuals that make less than $80,000 on their most recent tax return. 

His national address lasted approximately 25 minutes and covered a wide variety of topics, including the stimulus package, economy, and the pandemic. President Biden attempted to spread his political message that focuses on the pandemic recovery and the road that leads beyond the recovery in the coming months.

As Biden’s national address dragged on into the later minutes of his speech, you might have noticed a common trend about the topics and language that were being used as he spoke. President Biden was attempting to spread a message of unity, although it’s currently unclear how successful his message will truly be to unite the country’s divided citizens. 

President Biden expressed hope that the pandemic’s negative effects will be mostly over by the later portions of the summer in 2021. He even claimed that ‘Independence Day in 2021’ could be a great target for officially returning back to normal. This is a pretty significant goal that Biden has mentioned in his national address, but there’s no way to know whether or not the effects of the pandemic will truly be concluded at that point in time.

As coronavirus vaccines continue to get distributed across the country, the odds of seeing reduced effects from the pandemic will likely increase. There’s also still the possibility of another negative wave of coronavirus cases striking the population prior to July 4th, but the good news is that it does appear that things seem to be improving in many parts of the country right now. 

 Biden made it very clear during his national address that he would take a different approach at governing the nation than previous administrations. According to two different recent approval polls that judge President Biden’s performance, his approval rating among citizens seems to be dropping slowly. Only 50% of people approve of Joe Biden’s job performance in his first 50 days, according to Rasmussen. 

In a recent PBS poll that surveyed registered voters, Joe Biden only received a favorable rating from 48% of individuals. Now that Joe Biden has his first national address in the books, it will be very interesting to keep an eye on the approval rating polls for Joe Biden to see how the ratings fluctuate in the weeks ahead.  


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