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Pelosi Melts Down And Rejects McCarthy’s Nominees for January 6th Committee


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected two of Kevin McCarthy’s selected representatives for the January 6th Committee that was supposed to be tasked with investigating the capitol riots. The two members that were rejected by Nancy Pelosi were Representatives Jim Jordan and Jim Banks, from Ohio and Indiana, respectively.

McCarthy’s reaction to the rejection will be for the Republican Party to hold their own partisan investigation, which would mirror the partisan Democratic Party investigation. If both political parties in Washington D.C. held their own respective investigations, the two investigations would almost certainly come to very different conclusions about the causes and actions that took place on January 6th.

Some members from within the Republican Party called Nancy Pelosi’s actions similar to those of a ‘meltdown’ and an ‘abuse of power’. While it’s still possible for Kevin McCarthy and the Republican Party to replace the nominated members that have now been rejected by the House Speaker, it’s highly unlikely that he will do so.

With the current state of play in Washington D.C. sitting as it currently does, there will likely still be a partisan investigation, led by the Democratic Party’s selected committee members. Pelosi’s rulebook for the committee allows her to nominate eight members while McCarthy can nominate five and his selections can only be seated if Nancy Pelosi approves them.

The reasoning for Jim Jordan and Jim Banks not being approved was not immediately clear, but their relationship to the former President of the United States may have had some impact on Pelosi’s decision. The committee is expected to move forward, even if McCarthy’s move remains in place, a decision that would see all of his nominations remain on the outside of the committee.


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