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Next Major Governor’s Race Takes Place in Virginia on November 2nd

The next major governor’s race will take place on November 2nd in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Two candidates are facing off to take over the governor’s office from Democratic Governor Ralph Northam. 

The Democratic Nominee is Terry McAuliffe who has narrowly been leading in the polls for the last several weeks. The polls are within the margin of error and the 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial Election is expected to be very close. 

The Republican Nominee is Glenn Youngkin. He has been riding a wave of momentum to keep the race close. It’s possible that he continues to close the gap in the final weeks before the election on November 2nd. 

With that being said, both candidates have a realistic chance of winning the governorship. Virginia has been a state that has demographically shifted away from the Republican Party over the last decade. It has been getting harder to win statewide elections in Virginia for Republicans but many political observers believe that enthusiasm could be on the side of the Republicans in 2021 and 2022. 

The betting markets can occasionally be an accurate avenue to analyze to see the current trajectory of the race. According to the PredictIt markets,  McAuliffe has an 80% chance of winning on November 2nd, while Youngkin only is expected to have a 20% chance of winning.

There’s no doubt that the Democrats are demographically-favored in this upcoming election, although some political analysts believe that this race could be much closer than expected due to political issues like the 2nd Amendment being extremely important to voters in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  

Early voting in Virginia started on September 17th and will continue all the way through October 30th. Election day is on November 2nd and the citizens of Virginia will soon have a pretty clear picture of who will be their next governor. 


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