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McAuliffe Holds Narrow Lead With Two Weeks Remaining Before Virginia Election

The entire political world will focus on Virginia on November 3rd when Glenn Youngkin and Terry McAuliffe have their campaigns come to a close to determine who will be elected the next governor. It’s an important election for Republicans and Democrats who both want to prove that they have momentum on their side heading into a midterm election year.

Joe Biden’s political approval ratings have harmed Terry McAuliffe in recent weeks as they continue to plunge into the 30’s. The Democratic Party’s approval rating has plunged in Virginia as well in recent weeks, raising the possibility of a shocking Republican victory.

Virginia hasn’t been won by a Republican Presidential candidate since President Bush won it in 2004 by 8.2%.  Bob McDonnell was the last Republican to hold the Governor’s seat in Virginia and it was taken over by Terry McAullife in 2014 and then Ralph Northam in 2018. 

Some political analysts believe that early voting data is showing favorable conditions for the Republican Party, but it’s still unclear if it’s enough to flip a state that Joe Biden won by 10% less than a year earlier in the 2020 Presidential Election. 

The race is expected to get closer in the final days of the campaign and major political issues like gun rights, health care, and education are all having an impact on the campaign. It’s also unclear how Democratic vaccine mandates may impact the race in the coming weeks. 


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