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McAuliffe and Youngkin In Tight Race To Become Virginia’s Governor in 2021

The midterm elections will take place in November of 2022 and political experts are starting to measure the political environment already. The Governor’s Race in Virginia could be a great indication of where the national environment is heading into a heavily-contested 2022 election cycle.

The Republican Party is expected to have more momentum and enthusiasm headed into 2022 as the minority political party in Washington D.C.  A few recent fumbles from the Biden Administration have also helped Republicans on some political issues.

That leaves us with the election that is scheduled to take place in Virginia in November of 2021. Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin have already debated on several political issues that are important to the residents of Virginia. Gun rights, taxes, and the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic are all important issues heading into this election. 

In recent weeks, nearly all of the recent polls have been within the margin of error. Political markets believe that McAuliffe has a small lead due to the state’s shifting demographics, but momentum could offset these expectations and create a very tight race. 

It’s worth noting that Virginia has faded away from Republicans in recent elections, simply because the demographics have slowly been shifting in favor of the Democratic Party. Northern parts of Virginia are heavily-democratic and those regions have been growing, making it much harder for a Republican to win a statewide election. 

Republicans have the opportunity to make a major statement and elect Youngkin to become the next Governor of Virginia. In addition to the race to become governor, there are also elections to determine a majority in the House of Delegates. The Democratic Party currently holds 55 seats in the House of Delegates and the Republican Party holds 45 seats. The opportunity to have a flip is entirely possible if the Republicans can flip a few into their favor in November. 


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