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Maricopa County Election Audit Nearing Conclusion

Maricopa County in Arizona has been the center of a lot of controversy surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election. The election audit appears to be finally coming to its conclusion with a final result aligning with the certified election results that showed Biden narrowly winning over Trump.

Arizona isn’t the only state where the Republican Party has considered pressing for audits into the final results. Battleground states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin were all extremely tight and several accusations of fraud took place in each state. 

The election audits across the country may be a healthy measure to take to reassure Republican voters that the election was legitimate. It’s worth noting that a record number of people don’t believe the election results from 2020 and the partisan divide between voters has never been as significant as it is right now in America.

The problem that the country has going forward into future election cycles is that a new precedent has been established that would allow for the losing party to make controversial accusations that the winning party didn’t legitimately win. This is a significant development regardless of whether you are a Republican or Democrat. 

Voter security laws have been adopted across the country in several states, including the populous battleground state of Texas. The Republican Governor of Georgia has also enacted a new law that would enhance voter security. All of these actions are being taken to try and reduce the possibility of fraud in future elections to reassure voters that the elections are being handled legitimately without tampering. 

It could take years for voters to regain trust in their electoral system, but it’s important to continue making steps to make the process as transparent as possible. More transparency would reduce the chances of controversial accusations and that is always good for the health of America’s democracy.


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