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Larry Elder Continues Campaigning Across California As Recall Election Approaches


The field of potential replacement candidates for the upcoming California Gubernatorial Recall Election that is scheduled for September 14th now includes conservative radio host Larry Elder, who has been extremely busy holding media interviews and campaigning across the state.

According to multiple recent polls, Larry Elder continues to be the dominant frontrunner in the recall race with most of his Republican opponents nowhere close to his level of support. The only recall replacement candidate who has come even close to Larry Elder in any of the polls is Democrat Kevin Paffrath. 

During Elder’s campaign visits across the state, he discussed some of the policies that he would pursue in his first 100 days. He says that he intends to declare a statewide emergency for the homeless and focus on trying to resolve that crisis. He also denounced the concept of a   $15.00 minimum wage but vowed to leave it alone, even though he disagrees with it. 

If Larry Elder successfully replaces Governor Gavin Newsom during the upcoming recall election, he will be the first Republican Governor of California since Arnold Schwarzenegger last held the office in 2011.

With momentum on his side, Larry Elder continues to campaign for the energized Republicans that are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to cast their ballot to recall the current governor. 

Ballots are scheduled to be sent out to all Californian citizens soon. Voters will be able to mail in their ballot or bring it to an in-person polling place to cast their ballot. Sample ballots and voting instructions are expected to start arriving in the mail as early as next week.


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