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Larry Elder Builds Momentum As He Challenges Governor Newsom


It hasn’t been more than just a few days after Larry Elder announced he was running for the California Governorship to challenge Democrat Gavin Newsom in his upcoming recall election. According to recent polls, Newsom is facing major drops in his support as his recall election day draws closer with every passing day of the calendar. 

Larry Elder recently joined the race and was immediately challenged in court about his eligibility. Within hours, he was awarded an incredible court victory when a judge ruled in his favor and approved of him to be on the recall ballot after all.

Immediately after joining the race, he skyrocketed to the top of the list of candidates that have announced that they are running, including Kevin Faulconer and Caitlyn Jenner. Larry Elder now appears to be dominating the field and could seemingly have an easy path to the governorship if Newsom is recalled on September 14th.

It’s unclear if Larry Elder’s late entry to the race was strategic in some way, or if his decision to join the ‘recall race’ was genuinely a last-minute decision. Based on the circumstances that have been appearing to the public recently relating to Larry Elder’s campaign, it seems likely that this was a ‘game-time’ decision as you might hear in the world of sports.  


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