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Governor Gavin Newsom Signs Bill That Establishes Permanent Vote-by-Mail in California


It wasn’t more than three weeks ago when we were wondering if Gavin Newsom would still be Governor of California. He survived pretty easily with a win projected to be more than 20% in his favor. 

Now he is already signing legislation that establishes that California will permanently use the ‘vote-by-mail’ system. This is something that Democrats would love to implement on a national basis, but they have struggled to combat the new voting laws that Republicans have been pushing for since the 2020 Presidential Election.

With this new voting law in California, all counties will be forced to mail out ballots to every single registered voter. This means that all citizens that are eligible to vote will automatically receive a ballot, even if they do not request one. 

It’s a voting law that will likely harm Republican candidates across California, especially in local races that could make a difference in the state legislatures or U.S. House of Representatives. The reason that Republicans are likely not in favor of this type of voting system is because they are simply outnumbered from a demographics perspective in the State of California. 

Newsom may be able to take advantage of this victory by signing new laws that protect his political party in California, but he still has to fight to be reelected again in a short time and there is already some speculation that some Democrats may be interested in launching a primary challenge against Newsom.


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