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Governor Cuomo Faces Major Pressure to Resign as Scandals Mount Against Him


One of the nation’s most prominent political figures is now struggling to protect his reputation as an increasing number of scandals and accusations are being presented against him. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is now facing calls for resignation as allegations for sexual harassment continue to pop up.

Governor Cuomo has served as the governor of New York since 2011 and he just recently started his eleventh year in office. There are now serious reasons to believe that 2021 may be his last year to serve as the governor of New York as several high-ranking members of his own political party are calling for him to resign from his position. 

Both Senators of New York, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand have now called on Governor Cuomo to resign immediately. They join dozens of other high-ranking party officials that have also made similar requests of the New York Governor. The levels of pressure that Governor Cuomo is now facing are significant for more than just a single reason.

The political betting markets are usually a great way to measure the probabilities of certain outcomes in the political world. According to the PredictIt betting markets, Governor Cuomo has a 39% of resigning before May 1st, 2021. If you looked at markets that are focusing on Governor Cuomo’s future at the conclusion of 2021, the odds look even bleaker for the New York governor. 

The PredictIt markets project that only 32% of individuals believe that Governor Cuomo will be in office as the New York governor at the conclusion of 2021. These odds continue to drop as more sexual harassment allegations show up in the face of Governor Cuomo and more members of his own political party call for him to resign. 

Over the weekend, President Biden made a rare media appearance and called for caution before jumping to conclusions. He suggested that he would wait until an in-depth investigation takes place before making any suggestions regarding the possibility of the New York governor resigning.

The weeks ahead are probably going to be very stressful for Governor Cuomo as he will likely face allegations, investigations, and many more calls to resign from his own political party. 

Let’s not forget to mention that New York and many other states across the nation are still struggling to fight the effects of the coronavirus. This is not exactly an ideal time for sexual harassment allegations to start popping up against a governor who is trying to run one of the most populous states in the country. 

It is currently unclear what Governor Cuomo will do in the next few days and weeks as he struggles to fight off these credible allegations of sexual harassment. Most of New York’s residents are already preparing for their governor to resign as the odds of remaining in office seem to be stacked against him. 

It’s probably safe to say that any day could be Governor Cuomo’s last day in office if the trajectory of his governorship doesn’t change soon, although he may already be past the point of no return.


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