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Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York Announces His Resignation


Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York officially announced his resignation from his office after scandals have mounted against him regarding sexual harassment. After an in-depth investigation into Governor Cuomo’s actions, it was determined that Cuomo had apparently taken some inappropriate actions.

He announced that he would no longer be Governor of New York in exactly 14 days. His replacement is Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. She will be the first female New York Governor in the state’s history, although she’ll be taking office in a way that she probably couldn’t have imagined.

Governor Cuomo has faced scandals in many more categories than just his sexual harassment allegations. He has faced continued pressure against his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also faced a dark nursing home scandal that tested his approval ratings and support from within his own party. 

There was a point in time in the not-so-distant past where Andrew Cuomo could have been a future presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party. Those possibilities are now completely evaporated as he likely closes out the political chapter of his career and faces many legal battles in the years after his political career comes to an end. 

During his resignation announcement, Cuomo assured the residents of New York that Kathy Hochul would be prepared to take over the Governorship in 14 days. The transition is expected to be seamless and Governor Cuomo’s administration will likely continue on without him in office.


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