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Governor Abbott Holds Firm As Texas House Democrats Avoid Their Duties


Governor Greg Abbott of Texas will continuously call special congressional sessions until the GOP’s Texas voting proposals are considered. In addition, Abbott did not rule out the possibility of arresting the House Democrats that departed to the U.S. Capitol if they returned to their home state of Texas. 

As a response to their departure, Abbott has expressed that he’s willing to call congressional sessions over and over again until election day of 2022, if he has to. Although, it’s hard to imagine that the Texas House Democrats would be able to stay away from their home state for that amount of time. There’s little to no chance of that happening and Texas House Republicans will likely succeed in the end.

House Democrats from Texas originally planned to depart after knowingly not having enough votes to block enhanced voter security laws in Texas. Their lack of a majority in the legislature doesn’t give them very many options, although leaving the chamber and the state is one way to delay the proposals from becoming law.

The group of democrats has continuously posted selfies on the internet throughout their ‘vacation’ in Washington D.C. and several of them even met with the Vice President Kamala Harris. As time continues to tick, it’s unclear how long this act will go on but it’s fairly likely that they will be forced back to their state within a few weeks at the very most. When they do return, it will be interesting to see if the Democrats are detained and brought to the chamber to complete the services that they were elected to do. 

For now, the House Democrats from Texas will continue to have a showdown against the Texas Governor with no signs of letting up in the immediate future. At some point, someone will have to give in to the other side so that something other than gridlock can be achieved for Texas’ residents. 


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