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Evaluating Biden’s Job Performance on Day 75


President Joe Biden has now served in the White House for 75 days and it’s a great time to take a closer look at his job performance through his term so far. Biden has primarily focused on passing the massive stimulus package worth nearly $2 trillion along with ensuring that vaccine rollout was continuing across the country at a rapid rate. 

His performance in these categories is reasonable, but the biggest problem is that he passed the stimulus relief package without any support from Republicans. This is a dangerous gamble and while the relief was necessary, working in congress without a single vote from Republicans could be a big mistake for Biden in the coming months.

When you look towards the economy, the recovery seems to be continuing. The unemployment rate seems to be improving although it does appear to be stalling out a little bit. The stock markets are rallying near all-time highs in accordance to the path that President Trump established during his term. If Biden can continue to maintain the economic recovery, it will certainly do his political party a major favor. 

Foreign policy has been messy and there hasn’t been much contact with the public about this particular category. Recent news included a North Korean short-range missile launch and a few interesting pieces of rhetoric that came from the Biden administration as well as North Korea. 

Other foreign policy issues are also being addressed by the Biden administration but it’s hard to judge his performance without a clearer outlook on his political agenda. It will likely get much easier to judge his handling on foreign policy in the coming months but for now it’s just too early to really solidify an opinion on this category. 

After some recent tragedies across the country, gun safety regulations are once again being brought into question by the Biden administration. This is a subject that is highly controversial and it generally receives a ton of harsh criticism from the opposing Republican party. As Biden’s administration continues to crack down on the 2nd Amendment, a showdown on gun rights could become a major issue in Biden’s first term. 

With a lack of bipartisanship, it’s hard to give Biden a very high grade on his overall job performance. It is the President’s job to work with both political parties to establish and sign new laws. So far, Joe Biden has taken every pathway to steer away from bipartisanship and that may not change until the 2022 midterm elections where the Republican Party could once again obtain a majority in one of the chambers. 

On Day 75 in the White House, to summarize, Biden has done well maintaining the recovery in the economy. He did well getting the economic relief package to millions of Americans’, but failed to get any bipartisan support for it. He’s done a below-average job on foreign policy, but he seems to be doing well in guiding the country through the effects of the coronavirus. Once you factor all of these into the equation, Biden appears to be doing an average job so far and he certainly has a little bit of room for improvement.


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