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Eric Adams Declares Victory In The New York City Mayoral Democratic Primary


Eric Adams has officially declared victory after days of counting the Democratic Primary race to become mayor of New York City. With a margin of less than 10,000 votes, Eric Adams holds a narrow lead over Kathryn Garcia, who appears to be running in second place at this time.

Even by taking a look at the results that have already come in at this point, it’s quite clear that Eric Adams is by far the most-likely candidate to become New York City’s next mayor as he holds off Kathryn Garcia through the ranked-choice voting format. This comes after several voting issues, including a mistake where provisional test ballots were counted and released.

As additional results slowly come in, Eric Adams lead may shrink, but it appears that his current margins will be more than sufficient to grant him the victory that he needs. Adams released a tweet that published the results, as of Round 8. He also thanked his supporters for helping him become the Democratic nominee for the upcoming election of New York City.


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