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Democrats Are Trying To Push Up The Recall Election To Help Governor Newsom


The chances of Governor Newsom being recalled in California are constantly being monitored by internal polling groups and political affiliates. For a long time, it didn’t even really look like the recall petition would qualify with enough signatures. Unfortunately for Governor Newsom, his current chances of being recalled are much higher than he had hoped.

The negative effects of the pandemic certainly hurt Newsom’s approval ratings. A restaurant scandal in November of 2020 certainly didn’t help his case either when he was seen dining in-doors at a high-end restaurant with lobbyists. This leaked to the public while stay-at-home orders were in place and many business closures were also in effect.

Newsom and the Democratic Party in the State of California believe that a recall election taking place sooner may be more ideal due to the recent improvements in the state’s progress against the pandemic. They believe that holding the election as soon as September may provide a better chance of winning, while holding off could actually harm and increase the chances that Newsom survives the recall.

While no exact date is currently established, it’s looking like Democrats want to get this recall election over with as soon as possible. Only time will tell if the petition is truly a partisan attempt to remove Newsom from power, or whether Newsom’s facing backlash from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, alike.



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