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Category 2 Hurricane Makes Landfall in Louisiana


A powerful Category 2 hurricane has devastated the state of Louisiana as millions of citizens are reported losing power on Sunday and Monday. Massive flooding is taking place in various vulnerable regions as gusting winds continue to create tons of devastation in the surrounding areas.

Winds that are gusting above 100 MPH are still being reported and New Orleans has been vulnerable to tons of devastation from the hurricane up to this point. There is no current estimate for power returning and rescue operations are risky as the storm continues to move slowly through the surrounding regions.

Hurricane Ida is expected to slowly travel northeast through Mississippi and possibly into Tennessee and Kentucky by the middle of the week. The effects of Hurricane Ida are devastating domestically and Biden’s administration will have to shift some focus from the developing Afghanistan crisis to the tragic effects that have come to many regions within the hurricane’s path.

Hurricane Ida was considered a Category 4 storm as it made landfall in the southern regions of Louisiana. As it moved further inland, it slowly dropped to a Category 3 hurricane and then finally to a Category 2 hurricane. Millions of citizens have already experienced flooding and the loss of power in Louisiana. Mississippi is reporting less power outages at  this moment in time, but more are likely if the storm’s winds remain powerful.

The devastation of Hurricane Ida has presented many challenges to citizens in the affected regions and hurricane experts are fearful that Hurricane Ida may not be the final hurricane during this eventful hurricane season.


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