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Biden’s Handling of the Immigration Crisis Is Extremely Unpopular


Joe Biden’s approval ratings have been dropping slowly in recent weeks across multiple categories, but none as bad as his approval ratings on immigration policies that his administration is proposing in the face of a major border crisis. 

Multiple polls suggest that Biden’s approval on Immigration is around 35% due to the neglected crisis at the Southern Border that erupted into chaos after President Trump left office in January. Biden’s administration has fumbled their own immigration policies and are now expected to revert to some Trump-era policies that were previously working.

Texas has been facing major challenges on multiple levels without the federal aid that is needed to help provide some relief to the ongoing problems. Even Trump himself paid a visit to the border recently to hold a roundtable discussion with several prominent figures. He also held a town hall to answer local questions about how to best handle the immigration policies.   

If Biden’s administration doesn’t react to the immigration crisis in some meaningful way, he could face growing unpopularity across other categories as well. That could spell major problems for the Democratic Party during the 2022 midterm elections if things don’t improve soon. 

For what it’s worth, only 40% of Americans believe that the country is headed in the right direction, while more than 50% believe that the country is on the wrong track, according to multiple polls from early July. 


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