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Biden’s First 100 Days In Office Nears An End


The first 100 days of any Presidential term is generally recognized as a significant time frame because it is a clear indicator of what the entire country can expect over the course of the next four years. There are many progressives that probably really appreciate Biden’s actions in the first couple of months to begin his term. 

At the same time, there’s a ton of concerned Republicans and conservatives that recognize the far-left leaning actions that Biden has taken with his administration in his first 100 days.

There have been very few press conferences and a lack of transparency that has plagued several of the major issues in the country right now. This includes the fact that Biden’s administration took actions to prevent border facilities from being accessed by media members. 

It’s also been exceedingly rare for Kamala Harris and Joe Biden to hold press conferences about these important issues. Even some of Biden’s supporters across the wide collection of media companies have called for more transparency and more press conferences from the President and the Vice President.

Passing the multi-trillion dollar stimulus plan without a single Republican vote was a significant accomplishment. It wasn’t exactly a popular decision for the Republicans in congress but it likely had to be done. Passing the $2,000 stimulus checks was something that President Trump fought for in his final days but ultimately ran out of time.    

A ton of executive orders have also been signed by Biden’s administration in his first one-hundred days, many of which are designed to undo things from Trump’s past four years in office. At the same time, Biden has been forced to accept some of Trump’s political policies, including the ‘Space Force’ and the idea of expanding and building the ‘Border Wall’ in some areas or regions where border crossings are at an all-time high.

Some of the other items on Biden’s agenda include controversial election reforms and a massive infrastructure plan that could cost trillions of dollars. While these pieces of legislation will likely take a lengthy amount of time to negotiate and debate in the chambers of congress, there’s still some possibility that it could happen. 

Biden’s first 100 days in office could be evaluated from a couple of varying perspectives. If you’re a democrat or progressive, you probably think that Joe Biden has done a fairly good job and you would likely approve of him. On the other side of the equation, if you’re a Republican or conservative, you probably aren’t a big fan of the proposals and executive actions that his administration has brought to the table so far. 

There’s also the citizens that aren’t party affiliated and remain independent from any political party preference. For now, it’s probably too early to make a general judgement on Biden’s job performance, but he continues to face the difficulties of the coronavirus pandemic, a border crisis, and foreign policy issues with countries like China and North Korea.


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