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Biden’s Administration Struggles With Gridlock As 4th of July Passes


There have been some undesirable reports coming out in recent days within the Biden administration, including information relating to a toxic work environment between Biden’s top aides and Vice President Harris’ aides

The main concern is gridlock that continues to plague the infrastructure bill and election reform legislation. Republicans are trying to hold out long enough for the 2022 midterm elections to arrive so that they can take back some power in either of the chambers.

Republicans are looking at the possibility of forcing gridlock in congress until they can take back the House of Representatives and potentially the Senate as well. Both chambers are only narrowly in control by the Democrats, and both hold the key to allowing Biden’s agenda to proceed.

Independence Day was supposed to be an important milestone for vaccine progress as well as the economic recovery. Unfortunately, Biden’s administration appears to have fallen short in its expectations to vaccinate a specific number of adults across the country.

With gridlock a primary concern for the Biden administration due to moderate democrats not supporting some of Biden’s top agenda items, others have focused on the issues taking place at the border. Even President Trump paid a recent visit to the border to highlight the level of concern that needs to be emphasized due to the immigration crisis that also includes the illegal importation of fentanyl.

Expect Joe Biden’s administration to continue focusing on passing legislation for infrastructure as he tries to negotiate in congress. Every single day, we tick a little bit closer to the 2022 midterm elections where the Democrats fear that Republicans will take both chambers and virtually limit Biden’s agenda to executive actions.


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