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Biden Expected To Travel To Michigan For Independence Day


Joe Biden has added a trip to Michigan to his upcoming agenda for the 4th of July. He is expected to visit Traverse City and the surrounding areas to discuss and praise his administration’s progress in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to Biden’s personal July 4th visit to Michigan, members of his administration will travel across the country to several public venues as well. This includes his wife, Jill Biden, as well as the Vice President, Kamala Harris. ‘

Biden’s administration plans on using the holiday to spread a positive message to the country’s citizens about overcoming the pandemic and returning to a normal lifestyle. The effectiveness of Biden’s messaging will be tested throughout his rare outing.

It’s currently unclear when he’ll deliver remarks in Traverse City, but expect his speech to discuss vaccination progress, recent mask guidelines, and additional information and statistics about the pandemic.

Biden will take this trip at a moment in time when his administration is struggling to secure a bipartisan infrastructure deal with Republicans in congress. He will return from his 4th of July trip with a difficult task of securing this deal without allowing it to fall apart.

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