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Biden Deflects Blame on Afghanistan in His Address to America


Joe Biden’s administration is facing major criticism on his handling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan as Taliban forces have completely overwhelmed the Capital City of Kabul in recent days. 

In his address to the nation, Biden explained that while he may be partially responsible for the crisis unfolding in Afghanistan, the blame rests with many other groups, including Afghanistan forces that failed to defend their nation from the Taliban takeover.

He used his address to explain how the war in Afghanistan over the last two decades has had a major impact on preventing terrorism. He defended his decision to allow the United States troops to withdraw. Unfortunately, Biden was forced to deploy twice as many troops to Afghanistan in short order to safely evacuate citizens and allies. 

His address was heavily criticized and his approval ratings continue to fall. The Afghanistan crisis came at a time when Joe Biden and many members of his administration were on vacation. Joe Biden returned to address the nation after spending time at Camp David but spent most of the time speaking about how blame may rest with others, including President Trump.

Biden is now struggling to explain how the United States has shown an unprecedented amount of weakness as airplanes and helicopters desperately retreat to Kabul’s airport for evacuation. It’s also clear that United States forces are relying on cooperation from Taliban forces to evacuate United States citizens. This concept shows an incredible amount of weakness from the United States at this moment in time.  

The future of Afghanistan is uncertain as the Taliban virtually controls every aspect of that region at this point in time with very little opposition. Biden’s administration had no plan for the unexpected crisis and responded in such a way that will likely stain his legacy for the remainder of his term.


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