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Andrew Yang Dominates The Polls In New York’s Mayor Campaign


Former Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang is currently leading many of the polls for the campaign to become New York’s next mayor. There’s less than a dozen competitive candidates that have been recognized within the race but none of them seem to be as favorable as Andrew Yang, at least according to the polls up to this point in time.

There is still a very long way to go before a clear frontrunner can be determined but Andrew Yang certainly seems to be in the driver’s seat right now. There’s still about 25% of voters that are undecided according to a recent poll, so there’s plenty of room for other candidates to make up ground.

Even still, polls are suggesting that Yang could be nearing a double-digit lead at this portion of the campaign. That’s a lot of ground to make up and Yang’s name recognition from being a 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate has certainly helped his cause. Unless something major changes, it’s pretty hard to imagine that Yang loses much ground to the rest of the field. 

If you were to refer to political betting markets like PredictIt, they’d suggest that Yang has nearly a 70% chance of becoming the next mayor of New York City.  Scott String and Eric Adams are the favorites after Yang, but they trail by a significant distance in the betting markets. All of the remaining candidates clock in with less than a five percent chance of being elected the New York City mayor in 2021.  

Yang has stated that he’s optimistic and hopeful as the campaign continues, even though his campaign is starting to receive attacks from other candidates and media members. The New York City mayoral primary is scheduled to take place on June 22th. The general election will take place on November 2nd, 2021. 

That means there’s still nearly seven months of campaigning before a winner will be declared. Andrew Yang appears to be dominating but will his campaign have the stamina to stand the test of time? No campaign is ever easy and he will likely face challenges from his closest opponents in the coming weeks. If he is able to lock in large portions of support and prevent other candidates from gaining much popularity, you can expect him to have a very good chance at winning the general election in November. 


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