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Afghanistan Capital Falls To Taliban Forces As American Troops Evacuate Allies

Taliban forces claimed the Capital of Afghanistan as they continued to conquer cities across the country after U.S. troop withdrawals began. Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani rushed to flee the capital as Taliban forces closed in on the Presidential Palace. 

The foreign policy failure in Afghanistan is an ugly disaster for the Biden administration. Joe Biden has already struggled to contain the coronavirus pandemic domestically as he weighs vaccine mandates, mandatory lockdowns, and federal mask restrictions as possible future policy decisions.

Joe Biden was expecting to take a short vacation but is now being forced to react to major territorial losses in Afghanistan. It has now been 20 years since the war in Afghanistan started, with very little progress to show as the Taliban has annexed the capital city of Kabul. 

He is now faced with the decision to push more than 6,000 troops back into Afghanistan to try and evacuate important U.S. allies and personnel. It was just weeks ago that he publicly claimed that the situation in Afghanistan would not ‘inevitably’ deteriorate. Those are some troubled comments from the 46th President as he now considers his next military decisions for the United States. 

The devastating situation is a political nightmare for Joe Biden as his approval ratings continue to take a sharp dive. His foreign policy approval ratings were already below average and the ongoing situation in Afghanistan will not help his chances in that category. 

Biden will likely address the nation in the next couple of days to discuss the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. It’s still unclear if he plans on returning to the White House from his vacation earlier than expected to try and address this crisis.


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