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Adam Kinzinger Will Serve On Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th Committee


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi originally rejected two of Kevin McCarthy’s selected representatives for the January 6th Committee that was supposed to be tasked with investigating the capitol riots. The two members that were rejected by Nancy Pelosi were Representatives Jim Jordan and Jim Banks, from Ohio and Indiana, respectively. 

As a result, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pulled out all of his selections, allowing for Pelosi to select her own representatives. She has already selected one GOP representative, Liz Cheney, who is a Republican representative from Wyoming. 

Pelosi has now opted to appoint Adam Kinzinger from the state of Illinois, marking a second Republican who will be appointed to the committee. This is almost certainly not what Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wanted to see happen, but Pelosi now has enough members to call her committee a bipartisan committee, despite what many Republicans may be thinking of it.

It’s currently unclear if any additional Republicans will be appointed by Nancy Pelosi at this time, but she has now successfully convinced two Republican ‘Trump’ critics to join her committee to investigate the events of the January 6th riots.


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