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A Proposal To Support January 6th Commission Is On Its Way To The Senate


The House of Representatives has successfully passed legislation that calls for creating and establishing an independent investigation to study the events of January 6th that ultimately led to riots in the United States Capital. 

The legislation that passed the House of Representatives will now make its way to the Senate, where it will potentially fail to succeed as a large percentage of Republicans are strongly opposed to it. Even still, this legislation could come close to passing even if it ultimately fails.  

Republic Minority Leader McConnell opposed the legislation and could have a significant amount of influence with his colleagues in regards to how they vote. Susan Collins, also a significant influencer in the Senate, has also declined to support the legislation.

The calls for a January 6th independent commission and investigation come from mostly Democrats who want to blame Republicans and former President Trump for election controversies that took place in the capital during a competitive election that left half of the country angry at the opposing political party. 

Whether or not the legislation successfully passes the Senate chamber is not what should be in question. The big factor is that a commission like this one could delay important attempts of unifying this country by flashing back to an event that was one of the most divisive events at the United States Capital in a very long time. This may be one reason that the failure of passing legislation for an independent January 6th commission, may actually be a good thing. 



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