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Taylor Swift Teases her Re-Recorded Red Album’s Songs from the Vault


Taylor Swift is re-recording all of her albums that were produced through her previous label, Big Machine, due to a case of ownership. The label, along with Taylor Swift’s masters, were sold to Scooter Braun for an estimated $300 million.

In this deal, Taylor Swift lost all of the rights to her masters which was a part of her life’s work. Braun offered to sell her music back to her, but Swift refused to buy something that she should already rightfully own. In classic Taylor Swift fearless fashion, she decided to re-record all of the albums that were stripped away from her to make them her own again.

Taylor Swift already released the re-recorded version of Fearless, and now she is onto the next album which she announced would be her 2012, grammy-nominated album, Red. Red will be released on November 19th.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the album to drop. In Taylor Swift’s re-recorded versions of her albums she not only sings her already released songs from the album, but she also is putting out songs from the “vault” on the albums, giving fans even more to look forward to.

Songs from the vault are songs that Swift wrote during the period of that specific album release, but they never actually made it to the album. Luckily for her fans, Taylor Swift writes like no other, so she has tons of vault songs to give to her fans on each album.

However, those song titles don’t come easy to fans. Taylor Swift loves to give her fans puzzles and clues for her upcoming projects and make them figure out what’s coming next. Her fans have basically mastered cracking Taylor Swift’s code though and they often can figure out her puzzles within minutes.

This time for the tracklist of her vault songs for her upcoming album Red, Swift posted a video yesterday of words all scrambled together and told fans to unscramble them to figure out the song names. And of course to no surprise, the fans did so, and they did it quickly. 

It was soon decoded that Swift will have a total of nine extra tracks on her new version of Red. This makes her Red Taylors Version album consist of 30 songs.

While a majority of the vault songs are unreleased, some of the vault songs are actually already released, but by other artists that Taylor Swift wrote for them. Now in this album she is coming out with a version of them sung by herself. These songs include “Better Man” which was previously recorded by Little Big Town and “Babe” by Sugarland. 

Swift also revealed that she will have new featured artists on this version of Red. Phoebe Bridgers and Chris Stapleton will be making an all new appearance, while Ed Sheeran will make his return.

Fans will be eagerly waiting for Red Taylor’s Version to be released on November 19th and then immediately after be ready to uncover the next re-recorded album to come.


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