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Long Running Talk Show, Conan, to Come to an End This June


Conan O’Brien has announced that his long running late night talk show will finally be coming to an end. This end date is near; he will be signing off Thursday, June 24th.

The late night talk show, Conan, has been airing on TBS for the past 11 years. Now, O’Brien has decided after this long milestone that it is time for him to venture off into something new. 

After his long running talk show comes to an end in June, O’Brien will be starting in a new direction where he will be straying away from the talk show format, and creating a new type of show on HBO Max. The details of his new show are yet to be announced, but we do know it is not another talk show he will be a part of.

O’Brien made this announcement on Twitter Monday night, explaining why he has decided to make this change. He had this to say in his video that he took to Twitter:

“A very old buddhist monk once told me that to pick something up, you must first put something down. I’ll be honest with you, he was drunk out of his skull and very belligerent, and I maintain you can pick up two things if you use both hands. He just got mad and started swinging at me, so I ended the conversation and took his advice.”He continued on to thank TBS for giving him a home when he needed it most. He also said he wants these last few weeks to be a “fond look back at all the absurd madness that my team and I’ve concocted”. 

O’Brien will clearly be making the most of his last few weeks on his show. There is a lineup of special guests for the remainder of the show along with an extended hour long finale to wrap up and look back on the many years of Conan

It’s clear that this decision to end the show was on Conan’s end and he has nothing but good things to say about his past 11 years on TBS. It seems to have been a sound decision and Conan will be leaving his show with nothing but love and thankfulness.

O’Brien has been doing talk shows since 1993 when he was asked to take over as the host of Late Night for NBC. He stayed there until 2009 and then briefly hosted the Tonight Show for less than a year. Very soon after that, O’Brien moved to TBS where he launched his own show, Conan, in 2010. Ever since then, TBS has been his home and he has made himself a household name.

After his long career in late night talk show hosting, O’Brien is taking a step in a different direction. Although he will be missed on late night, he will still be starring on the TV on HBO Max soon enough. 



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