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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Spend Holiday Weekend Together with Daughter, Stormi


Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, and their daughter, Stormi Webster, spent the holiday weekend together having fun and spending time as one happy family. 

The three took a trip down to Houston to spend Memorial Day weekend together with Travis’ family. Houston is the rapper’s hometown and where his family still resides, so this was a nice homecoming for him. 

The weekend consisted of family time and water balloon fun. Kylie shared quite a few heartwarming moments on her Instagram story as the family enjoyed their weekend. 

Her Instagram stories gave followers an inside look at the family’s water balloon fight. In the first clips Kylie posted, Travis can be seen filling up the water balloons for Stormi. 

The next few stories included Stormi and her dad teaming up and playfully chasing Jenner and hitting her with water balloons. Stormi adorably attempted a few throws that didn’t quite get her mom, but her dad took care of that for her. 

It is nice to see the two stars spend time together and genuinely enjoy it, especially for their daughter Stormi. Following the couple’s official split back in October 2019, the two have always kept it cordial and attempted to give Stormi the best family life possible. 

Who knows if the two have plans to mend their relationship and take it back to another level. According to an inside source, they are not putting any pressure on their relationship and just riding it out to see where it takes them. Apparently Kylie is “very happy” with the place they are in, and from the looks of her Instagram story, the rest of her little family appears to be very happy as well. 

The couple’s co-parenting skills have always been a priority throughout their roller coaster of a relationship. They both love their daughter and despite any of the issues the couple may go through they always put Stormi first. However, they are like best friends to one another, so it has never been particularly difficult for the two to do so. 

The pair not only brings Stormi to spend time down in Houston with Travis Scott’s family, but they also do a lot with the Jenner/Kardashian family as well. 

Stormi has a lot of cousins on her mom’s side of the family, so they always have fun outings for all the little ones. The most recent adventure Kylie and Travis took Stormi on, along with her cousins, was a trip to Disneyland. There were a lot of photos captured and posted to social media from this trip as well. 

Travis and Kylie clearly have co-parenting figured out. The two are happy where they are, which makes for a happy family no matter what. While it is unclear if the two will ever be in a relationship again, it is always clear that they will work seamlessly together to be great parents for Stormi. 


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