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Jordan Peele Has a New Movie Coming Called NOPE


Jordan Peele is back with his recent announcement of his third movie. Peele tweeted a poster for his upcoming movie called NOPE. 

Jordan Peele has won multiple Oscars for both of his last two movies, Get Out and Us. It appears Jordan Peele is going to continue the trend of his eerie, horror genre movies with his third one called NOPE.

While there is no description of what this new movie is about, it is clear from the poster that it is probably going to be dark. The image reveals just one large, dark, luminous cloud hanging over a city’s head.

With Jordan Peele’s brilliant track record, he is very talented at creating movies that keep fans on the edge of their seat. Peele creates movies that bring about the feeling of being uncomfortable, yet not being able to look away. 

This upcoming movie is bringing back a familiar face from Peele’s first movie, Get Out. Daniel Kaluuya will be starring in the movie NOPE. Kaluuya made his big break in Get Out, where he appeared as the main character that fans rooted for the entire film. 

Kaluuya shined in Get Out, helping to make the film what it was. Now, Peele is bringing back his talent with confidence that he will do it again. The new film will also star Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun. This star studded cast is anticipated to make Peele’s third film legendary like the previous two.

According to Jordan Peele’s tweet, the new movie will be coming out next July in the year 2022. The film will be released only in theaters, so fans will have to get their tickets quickly once it gets released because a movie like this will surely sell out.

While fans have to wait a whole year to get to see this movie, there will definitely be anticipation for the trailer to come out sooner. The poster for the new movie is definitely luminous, but fans are still scratching their heads trying to figure out what this movie could be about. 

With Peele’s track record, fans are ready for a horror movie obviously. However, a scary black cloud doesn’t give a definite description as to what the horror could be about. Fans have their speculations, but everyone is waiting for a clear answer. There’s a good chance Peele tweeted this image to get the wheels turning in fans’ heads. Seems like we are all going to just have to wait and see and trust that Jordan Peele will do what he does best.



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